Spring Coyote

coyote, standing, quartering towards, looking at cameraHere’s a coyote from this spring. He still had his winter coat other than he was loosing a bit of fur around his face.


reflectionHere’s a black and white reflection image taken a few nights ago. It would make for an awesome canvas or aluminum print!

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Summer Velvet

velvet elk2One of my favorite times of the year is when I get to see all the new antler growth of the year.  Has anyone else been out looking?



Digital Art

bison digital paintingIf you’re looking for something a little different for your home or office, consider a digital painting! I have a wide variety of sizes, species and landscapes to choose from so contact me if your interested – info@nicktrehearne.com

This particular shot was from last week at Elk Island National Park.

Stuck in Traffic

lost cubsThese two cubs were separated from their mother when she decided to jump the concrete barrier on the highway, leaving them in the middle of the road. Took a while before they figured out the long way around. The sow did not care at all as she fed several hundred yards away.

Summer Waterfall

waterfall fbHere’s a shot I captured a few weeks ago of the same waterfall that was displayed in the
digital painting I posted on here a few months ago. Enjoy!



Mountain Goats!

mountain goat, billy, male, goat in background, close up, head shotDuring a recent trip to the Rockies, I was fortunate enough to get on multiple groups of Mountain Goats. These two were hanging  out at a mineral lick all day which allowed for lots of time to photograph them :)

This image and many more are featured in my new Mountain Goat gallery at http://www.nicktrehearne.com – be sure to check it out!

Prints of all images are available as well as licencing is also available – please contact me directly at 780-999-9649 if you are interested in either of these options.



Happy Fathers Day!

grouse2Happy fathers day to all of the Dads out there. Does anyone know what species this male upland bird is?



At what cost?

This is going to be a little bit of a different post compared to usual, but it’s something I’d like to get off my chest and hopefully open peoples eyes too. Enjoy!

It is becoming a regular occurrence where someone asks me if they can use my image, or can I email them the file so that they can print it off, or they do ask to purchase but offer next to nothing in return. The thing people fail to see is that a lot of time money and effort goes into each and every image. Would I come to your work and expect you to give me free services or product? No. So why is it when it comes to images, people see little value associated with them?

I will break it down a bit as to what actually goes into each (wildlife) image.

The gear.
Every image starts and ends with the gear. Camera bodies, lenses, tripods, memory cards, batteries, bags, and even things like binoculars, and vehicles. All of these (and much more) are necessities in producing images. Tens of thousands of dollars in gear, actually.

Finding the animals.
This is not as easy of task as some people think. Everyone knows that Mountain Goats live in the mountains, and antelope live on the prairies – but it’s not as simple as that. It takes countless hours of scouting both from home and in the field to locate areas that would not only be good to locate animals, but would be ideal for photographing them. This uses computers, phones, and lots of gas / wear and tear on vehicles.

Getting there.
Once you have found an area to go, it usually involves travel, a place to stay, and food. When you consider how much it costs to go with your friends or take your family somewhere for the weekend, consider how much goes into multiple days or weeks searching for animals – it’s not cheap.

The small things associated with getting the pictures.
Although often overlooked, things like boots, pants, raingear, and packs can add up quick. Although these are things most people have regardless, they get worn out at a much faster rate when they are used for work year round creating another expense.

You’ve got the image, time to do something with it.
Just because the image is on your camera, does not mean there is no more expense. From card readers and computers, down to the software used in processing the files, nothing involving technology is cheap. Web hosting and domain names are an inevitable expense as well – after all, if no one saw your images, you would not be having a problem with people wanting them for little/nothing.

Hourly rate.
Most people that are selling images, are in it to make money. There are a few rich people out there that do it for fun and just to see their name in print, but for most of us – it’s to pay for bills, buy gear, or fund the next trip. Thousands of hours have gone into the whole process – should the outcome be worth nothing?

At the end of the day, I understand that times are tight for many people, and that budgets do not allow for extra pleasures such as a canvas for your wall. On the same note, it is not fair to ask someone for something that they have put money, blood, sweat and tears into in exchange for nothing. It’s even worse when a business or company tries this, knowing that they are using your images to sell or advertise to generate more business.

So next time you ask for an image for little or nothing, sit back and think – how much actually went into that image?



Color Phase Cub

black bear, color phase, facing, standing, cubWell, this one has been on my Facebook page (Found Here) for a few days now, but I wanted to share it here as well. I found this little guy with it’s mom and two other cubs in the Canadian Rockies and was fortunate enough to shoot them over the course of several days. It was an amazing opportunity as I was able to sit back and watch the cubs fight, climb and fall out of trees – an experience not soon forgotten.

I will be having a 10% off sale on any bear cub image found on my website (www.nicktrehearne.com) for the remainder of June, so be sure to swing by and take a look – they are a great addition to any home or workplace. If you’re interested, email me at info@nicktrehearne.com. All orders must be directly through me to receive the discount – not through the website. I accept all major credit cards and certified cheque.

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