Strange fact

mountain goat, billy, bedded, injury, eye, scar, looking to side, winter coatDid you know a Mountain Goat can jump up to 12 feet in a single bound? It’s no wonder they can navigate their way through the cliffs!

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Mating Season


Here is a mating pair of bison I photographed earlier in the week at Elk Island National Park in Alberta, Canada. It’s quite amazing on the difference in size between the male and female. He was chasing her around almost  non-stop, so it was nice to capture this shot when she finally let him stand beside her for a minute.



Summer Sale

black and white  cubs

I’ve been going through some images from this year and found this shot of a pair of black bear cubs.

I am going to make all prints of this image on sale for the following week at 25-50% of depending on the size. This includes everything from standard prints and aluminum plate, to canvas gallery wraps. The available sizes will range from 4×6″ all the way up to 40×60″ (depending on the product).

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Shedding Velvet

Elk00017Here is a monster bull I found last  night and was fortunate enough to watch shed his velvet. Please share/like! All the photos should be up on my website in the next couple days (

Spring Coyote

coyote, standing, quartering towards, looking at cameraHere’s a coyote from this spring. He still had his winter coat other than he was loosing a bit of fur around his face.


reflectionHere’s a black and white reflection image taken a few nights ago. It would make for an awesome canvas or aluminum print!

As always, I love the likes and feedback. Thanks for the continued support.


Summer Velvet

velvet elk2One of my favorite times of the year is when I get to see all the new antler growth of the year.  Has anyone else been out looking?



Digital Art

bison digital paintingIf you’re looking for something a little different for your home or office, consider a digital painting! I have a wide variety of sizes, species and landscapes to choose from so contact me if your interested –

This particular shot was from last week at Elk Island National Park.

Stuck in Traffic

lost cubsThese two cubs were separated from their mother when she decided to jump the concrete barrier on the highway, leaving them in the middle of the road. Took a while before they figured out the long way around. The sow did not care at all as she fed several hundred yards away.

Summer Waterfall

waterfall fbHere’s a shot I captured a few weeks ago of the same waterfall that was displayed in the
digital painting I posted on here a few months ago. Enjoy!




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