Catching Up

Well, I have been a bit slow posting on here lately so I thought I would catch up with a few photos. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing through November.

I am still in the process of editing all of the images, but keep checking back to my website ( to see more.  As of now, I have 100 +/- new deer images up and there will be hundreds more in the coming weeks.


MuleDeer00003  Whitetail00089

Whitetail00002  Whitetail00011  Whitetail00001

Do you know this spot?


I captured this image on a recent trip to Southern Alberta. Has  anyone ever been to this spot before or know where it is?


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raven greeting card internet sample

One last elk image


Here’s the last elk image I’ll post for a little while. I captured it while driving home from a recent trip. It is a low resolution image, but the high res version is available for prints and licensing. Email me for more information:

Got an itch?



Here’s another shot from my recent trip. I was lucky enough to spend many hours over multiple days with this bull during which time, he destroyed several trees.

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Fall Color



Well, I just walked in the door after a great few weeks in the field photographing elk and wanted to get a quick image posted since it’s been a while. With over 10,000 images to go through, it might take me a bit to get them edited and up on my website, but keep checking back! Also, as always, all prints of this image will be on sale for the next 48 hours – contact me at for details.

Comments and likes are always appreciated :)



Had to stop


Well, on my way home from my Ptarmigan / Sheep trip, I could not resist stopping and taking a few shots of this beautiful waterfall. It is Tangle Falls located in Jasper National Parks. Have you ever been fortunate enough to see these fall yourself?

Can you name this?



Can you name this bird?

I have been spending a lot of time with them lately, and it is very interesting to watch them interact with one another. There is also a new gallery on my website covering these birds! Check it out –


Ridgeline Silhouette


Here’s a ram I found high up on a ridge, yesterday in the early morning. I ended up spending 6hrs with this group of rams.

As always, all prints of this image will be on sale for the next 48hrs. Contact me for details :)  ( )


Black and White

mountain goat, young, billy, looking over rock, head on, facing,Here’s one more goat picture. I think it makes for a good black and white – what’s your thoughts?

Strange fact

mountain goat, billy, bedded, injury, eye, scar, looking to side, winter coatDid you know a Mountain Goat can jump up to 12 feet in a single bound? It’s no wonder they can navigate their way through the cliffs!

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